Peer to Peer Parcel Delivery with Care, Connecting the World!

Sharetheload is Peer to Peer Parcel Delivery Platform used to connect users from all over the world to create a harmonious, friendly environment.

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P2P Parcel Delivery with Revolutionizing Travel

Embark on a journey with peer-to-peer (P2P) parcel delivery, where each package becomes a passport to global connections. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional postage systems. Peer to peer, parcel delivery empowers travelers, offering flexible income and reducing delivery times. It's not just a job; it's a lifestyle, harmonizing travel and work seamlessly. Join the P2P revolution—express post for a world knit together with care and efficiency.

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Founder’s message

Dear Sharetheload Community,

I am thrilled to address you all as we embark on this incredible journey together. As the founder of Sharetheload, I am filled with gratitude for each and every one of you who has joined our community and believed in our vision.

Sharetheload was born out of a simple yet powerful idea – to revolutionize parcel delivery through peer-to-peer collaboration. We recognized the need for a more efficient and convenient way of sending and receiving packages, and we saw an opportunity to tap into the collective power of individuals in our communities.

When I started Sharetheload, I envisioned a platform that would not only connect senders and delivery persons but also foster a sense of trust, support, and empowerment. I aimed to build a community-driven approach to parcel delivery that would benefit everyone involved.


An authenticated and verification system to ensure users are onboarded safely and securely

Escrow Supported

Once the sender makes payment for the item to be delivered, funds are held in escrow until its safely delivered

Live Tracking

Using GPS, you can know any time where your parcel is and how it is being moved

Works World Wide

With multiple currencies and a global equal payment system adjusted to the local currency

Earn While you travel

Sharetheload is after creating a global payment system where users can barter, make friends, make money and most of all meet new people and have fun
Step 1


An easy to navigate signing up and login for anyone wishing to use our service

Step 2

Get Verified

With our state of the art facial recognition and authentication, our onboarding process is easy knowing every user is screened before being verified in our system

Step 3

Fill in parcel details

By completing the parcel details, you will be able to verify the contents of the parcel with documents and pop up screens to ensure the legitimacy of the parcel that is not tampered, modified or otherwise altered.


We have a great fun fact which we want to show you!

Sharetheload has a strong vision in creating a world with no barriers where users can interact amongst each other, make money, have freedom and have fun
Make friends
Build Connections
Connect With People From All Over The World

Connect with users from around the world, make friends and become family


We are bringing world class technology to ensure the harmonious connection amongst people with trust and friends to partners/ integrations.



Keep Your Data Protected. Our Platform is certified

 Sharetheload ensures all client information is only held within and not shared with third parties without the written permission of the user. In addition, unless a security breach has occured, information will then be disclosed with enforcing agencies as a means of border control to align with custom rules and regulations of each country.

 Sharetheload uses state of the art onboarding recognition to authenticate each user in prior to using the services provided. Once a package is made avail to deliver, the deliverer then checks the content of the package externally with pop up screens to ensure the safety and integrity of the package so no illicit substances are used to transport items.

 If an item has been discovered to use as a means of illicit substances, Sharetheload will conduct a thorough investigation with enforcement agencies to ensure there is no blame game made across users. This means the security of the parcel has not been compromised with cross referencing pop-up screens and images.

 With the global ever changing climate, Sharetheload is built on a ‘one family’ approach model with many types of personalities, nationalities, religions, sex etc, as a means to built trust and friendship globally whilst making money.

To ensure further and enhance security, Sharetheload has taken steps in creating its own token across the cryptocurrency network to help users not just invest, but also to ensure and maintain the integrity, trust and security of the Sharetheload platform.



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