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Peer to Peer Parcel Delivery.
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Connecting the World

At Sharetheload, we are looking to create a dynamic world were we all create positive connections and a one world despite religious beliefs, race, colour etc.

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Meet Our Team

Tarek Mohamed


Tarek is a visionary founder,  highly intelligent and an extremely driven individual. He founded this startup in 2016 and since then he has put sharetheload in the direction needed to successfully launch.He is an advisor to Hop Orbits.

Muhammad Moiz


Muhammad is a young, talented and extremely gifted male. He has put all the technology behind Sharetheload in a way that could shape the world we live in with this application

Naveed Ahmad


Naveed is unbelievably one of the best developers ever to come across. His knowledge in mobile development has helped create a stable application for the world market. He is also the co-founder of Hop Orbits.

Vasanth Ramachadran

LEAD Designer

Vasanth is a great team member and family. He has such an ingenious way of expressing his thoughts on paper which is reflected in the designs of Sharetheload. 

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